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Our top agents are enjoying

$100,000 to $500,000
in yearly commission income

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Start Earning

Schedule your call to learn more about your opportunity with New Era Health.


Cash bonuses based on production

 $2,500-$7,500 in bonus checks

twice annually just for doing an above average job

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Competitive “Renewal Commissions"

Compensation for keeping and servicing your clients

As your client base grows you will also be compensated for keeping and servicing those clients with competitive “renewal commissions.” These commissions are in addition to first year commissions and advance for new business written each week.

Typically, after 3 full years selling with New Era an agent will enjoy two weekly advance commission deposits, monthly income derived from remaining first year commissions PLUS renewal commissions for their in- force book of business.

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Simple Sales Cycle

Advanced commission payments twice weekly based upon sales completed

When starting out, you can bank on receiving advanced commission payments twice weekly based upon sales completed and funded while building your residual income stream. With an average payout of $625 per completed sale, you can earn what you are worth based upon your drive, ambition and desire.

Our sales cycle is simple, online and easy to learn. Sell 3 deals weekly for an average payout of $1875, sell 4 deals for an average payout of $2,500, sell a deal per day using a five day work week and receive on average $3,125 in advanced commissions. What’s more is that it only reflects one half of your total payout per completed deal. The other half will be paid over a six- month period “as earned” in remaining first year commission.

Interested in learning more?

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A career in sales and marketing specializing in the

Healthcare and Financial Services

makes a lot of sense. Dollars and cents.

Annual Leaders Conference

Finally, with New Era Health Plans you will have the opportunity to qualify for an invitation to our Annual Leaders Conference trip where you will meet many successful men and women from all over the USA marketing and selling our products.

These trips include destinations like Ireland, Venice Italy, Beverly Hills California and in 2022, San Miguel de Allende Mexico, deemed a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  

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