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New Era Health Plans

Affordable, Flexible
Health Plans

Free market solutions with sensible features and benefits

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Brett Schultz

Wernersville, PA
Verified Policyholder

"I am saving $626 a month with New Era Insurance instead of a marketplace/Obamacare insurance or picking up the other 80% from my former employer under COBRA. As a healthy and young person, there's no reason for me to pay $876 a month or pay for other people's illness.

My premium is $250/month now, and yet I have better coverage. I am able to go to any office I want, 20 visits a year, 6 can be chiropractic and this defined benefit plan (3 unit, best tier) reimburses more than the average cost of the event/visit/procedure in the state so usually there is excess indemnity you get to keep. If you do have any Rx's, the plan pays $30 or $60 for generic/main brand Rx's, so use their ScriptSave or your own GoodRx and have your pharmacy run through both and choose the least expensive one.

So, you might pay some for Rx's almost completely out of pocket depending on their cost but it still saves me more than the difference of paying a different plan's high premium. 

Highly recommend for anyone who is healthy to sign up before you're not. I use this as my ONLY insurance! If you want this as supplemental, you can do that too! Guaranteed renewable until 65! I was NOT told what to write for this, but I'm always very happy to share this to help people save money. If you are on top of finances and have a $1k emergency fund (Dave Ramsey) then you should consider this plan. I am able to do 1099 contract work now and rely 100% on this plan. You could supplement this with your insurance too if needed."

Interested in learning more?

Brett Schultz Health Insurance Policy Holder

Freedom to choose

Any Hospital, Any Doctor, Anywhere

in the USA without network penalty

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Easy and Seamless

Broad access in urban, suburban and rural markets.

First Health provides great savings nationwide for doctor visits, surgeries, hospitals, urgent care centers, and facilities helping members stretch their benefits further. First Health boasts broad access in urban, suburban and rural markets. With over 926,000 providers, 140,000 ancillary facilities, 6,100 hospitals, and 1,500,000 service locations, nearly 96% of the U.S. population has access to a First Health provider within 20 miles. Doctors are carefully selected by First Health based on their demonstrated history of providing quality outcomes for patients

Fully Customizable

$5,000,000 Lifetime Coverage

to fit your needs and your budget

Consumer Friendly Plan Design

Features and benefits you need without co-pays or deductibles.

Save Money

Save -25%-50% or more over traditional, comprehensive health plans

Enroll any time

Enroll any time, no Open Enrollment restrictions

No Long Term Commitments

No long term commitment

Guarenteed Renewable

Guaranteed renewable to age 65 as long as you pay your premiums.

24/7 Teledoc

With New Era’s Telehealth services, you can talk to a doctor, get a diagnosis, and even a prescription if needed, all within minutes!

Plan Benefits
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Being a New Era Agent

Cherneise Wilson

New Era Agent

My career did not start out as a licensed agent. I worked in television news as a video editor for 15 years. After feeling unfulfilled for several years both with what I was doing and the compensation for doing it, I knew I needed to make a change. I quit my full-time career and moved closer to home. I was unsure of what I was going to do, and odd jobs filled the time while I figured it out.

I like helping people in general and especially those closest to me.

Being an agent with New Era Health Plans has changed my life. I’ve not only grown as a person, but I’m also achieving my goal of helping people in general and those closest to me. The company is great! For clients they provide quality products to those that need them most. For agents they provide ongoing training, leads, contests, trips, advances, and bonuses! New Era provides a steady stream of income that 5 years ago, I would have only imagined in my dreams. Not only I am able to live the life I’ve desired, but I am also able to help and educate others and provide for myself and family. The flexibility and the potential for growth both personally and financially is unmatched with any company I know. I am so glad that I made the choice to represent New Era Health Plans. If you need a change, if you desire to help others and your family while helping yourself, I recommend that you consider New Era Health Plans. 

Interested in learning more?

Cherneise Wilson New Era Agent
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Family at Airport Gate
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Who We Serve

Health Insurance & Financial Services for the Individuals, Self-Employed, Family, and Small  Group.

New Era Health Plans specializes in serving the under served including the individual, family and self employed. Typically, the self employed pay the most and get the least when it comes to affordable Health Insurance Benefits. We are changing that by offering smart, flexible and affordable insurance for those that qualify.

Who We Serve
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Affordable Health & Wellness Benefits

Insurance Agent

In today’s market where health insurance is often unavailable or unaffordable, we can help you build a policy that’s custom designed for your needs and your budget.

Senior Couple

Medicare can be confusing, let us help you navigate the maze. We offer many solutions to supplement original Medicare including Gap Plans, Dental – Vision and more.

Happy Family Portrait
Life & Supplemental

We have optional Life, Critical Illness, Enhanced Accident and Dental Plans available to offer financial protection for those costly challenges that may occur. When life comes at you fast, we’ll protect you.

Business Consultation

Our top priority is educating the Consumer about health insurance and health care. Our Concierge service helps you make better choices at claim time, with a better outcome afterwards.

Up to 40-50% Savings

off your health insurance costs!

If your state is purple, New Era Health Plans may be able to save you 40-50% on your health insurance costs. 

Girl in Modern Workspace


Young Business Owner


Colleagues Working Together

(Under 50)

Small Group

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New Era Health Plans

New Era Health Plans Inc. is a National Agency providing Health Insurance & Financial Services for the Self-Employed, Individual & Family. We are committed to Educating the Consumer and providing Free Market Solutions that offer an outstanding value and peace of mind. We are currently active in 32 states.

NEHP is an endorsed vendor of the Free Market Medical Association and adheres to the pillars of Free Market Medicine. Our plans allow you to choose, Any Hospital, ANY Doctor, ANYWHERE. Our Agents are Licensed Professional trained and authorized to serve you with the highest level of Expertise and Integrity.

Join the Team

Why your Clients will like New Era Health Plans?

Wanted – Licensed Agents & Brokers

Why not get appointed with our “Best In Class” under age 65 health insurance portfolio and expand your potential to serve your community?

We offer year - round opportunity for those seeking to enroll in a quality health insurance plan with affordable rates, outstanding customer service and freedom to see any provider they wish...

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